Friday, October 30, 2009

My first blog. Ridiculous.

So this is my first blog ever.
Get excited.
I anticipate this being great.
You might ask why I chose to start a blog?
Well, my life is ridiculous. And I feel that my stories should be shared.
You should also know that I am not a writer. I am more of a story teller so I am not sure how great my stories will be written down but I will try. I should also start off by saying that today I had an interesting encounter with a friend and when discussing it with Kat, who witnessed the account, I decided it was time to share my ridiculousness with the blogging world. She asked me to entitle it, the adventures of J-Fine and Kat Church, but for the sake of having our names posted in the title, I decided against it.

Anyways, here go the stories. Where do I begin?
I recently started skateboarding with some of my friends. This opens the door for meeting a whole new group of people. And I love meeting new people. However, I feel like recently all of my encounters with skateboarders have been very awkward and weird. Imagine that.
Story 1: My friends and I are out tearing it up on our boards, enjoying ourselves when this guy comes outside and watches us for a while. Eventually, he asks if he can skate with us, so naturally, we gave him a board and watched as he totally showed us up. Before he came outside I wiped out terribly down a hill and so I was sitting by the lamppost checking out the damage I did to my leg and he comes and sits beside me. He starts looking and assessing my leg (which includes him feeling the massive bruise on my leg). (Excuse me? Why are you touching my leg!?! Not ok.) So he tells me that I should probably take some NSAIDS and stay off it for a few days. Fortunately, one of my friends looks at him and says, yeah she knows, she's a nurse. I laughed at him was like yeah, stay off of it for a few days, considering I have already been boarding on it again and I have to cheer tomorrow. Good plan. He seemed very interested in the fact that I was a cheerleader, and very interested in me in general. Luckily, his ride eventually came and he left. Then, my friends and I sat around laughing at the ridiculousness that is our lives.
Story 2: My friends and I boarded to the union and we are just playing around on our boards inside waiting for our coffee. Once we go to leave this boy that had been watching us the whole times walks over and is like "are you all skateboarding?" (Really? I mean we are holding skateboards. People really are stupid sometimes). To which I respond, yes, that is why we have our boards. He continues to chat awkwardly about skateboarding and eventually we just slip away. Afer this encounter, Kat so politely points out that he only spoke to me. And come to think of it, the creepy boarder boys really only ever speak to me. Awesome. What a winner I am. Good times.
Story 3 is not about skateboarding but it is still rather ridiculous: I was sitting in the cage today with my friend and we are chatting when all of sudden someone comes up behind me and puts his hands over my eyes. He continues to get very close to me and is whispering odd things into my ear and telling me to guess who it is. You should know that I cannot stand people close to my neck and I really cannot stand people whispering in my ear. He then moves on to giving me a back massage, then just stands behind me with his hand very close to my face saying that he is not touching me. Kat is also provoking him and telling me to just embrace the entire situation. So awkward. You should also know that I do not handle awkward situations very well, I am just awkward in general.
Well, I think these are enough stories for today. I hope you liked them. This would be so much better if it were video and if you could only watch them. Hopefully, you can see the ridiculousness that is my life.