Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello Mr. Coppers

Again, I apologize for my awful writing skills. And I do wish I could tell these stories to all of you in person because I promise they are much better, but this is the best I can do. Enjoy.

Story 1:
My sister and I met one night for ice cream at Culver's, I luckily had my ripstick in my trunk so I decided to show off my sweet moves. So, we are ripsticking it up in the parking lot and this 10 year old boy and his mom walk to their car and the entire time the kid is staring at us. When he gets to the car, he asks if it is a ripstick, to which I reply yes. Then he goes to get in the car, stops, and looks back and yells, "I have one too!" Awesome, me and all the 10 year old boys own ripsticks. Par-tay.

Story 2:
I was heading to my friends house the other night and since she only lives like 3 blocks away, I decided it would be more economical for me to just ripstick to her house rather than driving. So I head off down the street and down the little hill which then turns into a slight incline and flatlines before her house, I was able to ripstick the entire way there without stopping which is somewhat impressive considering the awful roads where I live. The interesting part of the story comes on the ride back home. I was able to ride most of the way home but the little hill on the way there turns into a large hill to ride uphill, so I had to walk about the last block. So, I am a block away from my house, I am carrying my ripstick, and it is about 11:30 at night. I am crossing the street and I look down and notice a cop a little ways down the road, turning onto the street away from me. However, I then notice him put on his blinker to turn back towards me. Great, I was not in the mood to deal with that. I decided to pick up the pace and try to make it to my house before he made it to me. I managed to get to my car and throw the ripstick in the trunk and I was at the door unlocking it when the cop pulled into the alleyway. I turned and smiled and said hello. He said "you're fine sweetheart, I was just wanting to check and make sure everything was ok" to which I responded, "Yep, I was just walking home from my friend's house, thanks though." Luckily, I am from a small town and so I know the man, and he also happens to live across the park from me so it was all good. So, nothing too exciting, but still funny that the cop turned around to find me and check out the situation.
Apparantly, ripsticking in the dark and speedwalking after seeing a cop is grounds for sketchiness. Who knew.

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