Monday, December 21, 2009

Death by ripstick

First off, let me start off my saying that my friends have the best house ever. We have figured out that if you open all of the doors in the house we can ripstick in a square through the whole house. We often have races around the house and it is always a good time. I think my favorite time was when a bunch of us girls were all together getting ready for a dance and we are ripsticking around the house all glammed up in our dresses. I tried to ripstick in heels, tbut urns out it doesn't work. It throws off the whole toe heel action you need to have to ripstick properly. But funny nonetheless.
Second story:
I am also trying a new skill. I love doing handstands. A lot. So I decided to try and combine my love for handstands with my passion for skateboarding. I now do handstands on a skateboard and I am trying to get to where I can propel myself down the hall. I still am too scared to get too far away from the wall but I fell that this skill is well on its way. Soon, I will be a pro.
Third and best story for today:
So, Friday after I had completed finals, I decided it was a good idea to celebrate by ripsticking with one of my friends. We start off and we are both so excited to be ripsticking again since we have had no time recently because of school. She is telling me that she hasn't gone down a hill in a while and she is super excited. So of course I take her to my favorite hill. Now, usually I start a little ways down the hill so as to not die but this day I was super excited and not really thinking. We also had to move out of the way of a car so I had gone up a small hill then just turned and went down the small hill around the corner and started my trek down the big hill. Unfortunately, I was not thinking about the added momentum from the small hill that I had just gone down and before I knew it, I was zooming down the hill. There was no way to escape this one, I just had to ride it out and hope for the best. I am carving like crazy trying to slow myself down but nothing is working, I am rapidly picking up speed. Another thing you should know, this hill is normally not to bad and at the end of it you can curve and go down another small hill into the faculty parking lot. However, there were cars in the parking lot still and I knew that I was too fast to control the ripstick down the hill and not hit any cars. So as I am flying down the hill, I am looking for a good place to bail, knowing there is no way I can just run off of this one. I decided that my best plan of action was to try and go up the small ramp to the building and hope that the uphill would be enough to slow me down so I could run off easily. However, I must have toed to much because my back foot fell of the ripstick and is dragging on the ground. I am squeezing my legs so hard so that I do not do the splits because my front leg is still going on the ripstick. I eventually cannot control this any longer and my front foot rolls off the ripstick and I hit the ground rolling. I then realize that I have burnt a hole in my shoe and it has even burnt a hole in my sock. Also, a piece of my shoelace has burnt off. Both of my ankles are bleeding but not too badly. The good news was that my head was fine and nothing was broken. My friend was smarter and did not start quite as high up as me but she also realized she had to bail and after watching me almost die she chose to hit the grass and fly to the ground. She only ended up with some mud on her, much better choice. Of course once I fixed my shoe and cleaned up the blood some we continued on our merry way and kept ripsticking. It wasn't until I sat down later that I realized just how badly my ankles really hurt. But I am doing much better now and all is well. Just another day and just another wipe out. Epic.

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