Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If only

If only I did not feel compelled to talk to every single person I see, I would not be in this situation. However, I do feel compelled to speak so here goes nothing. The other day I walked out of my building and I was on my way over to the cafe for a late lunch. However, I was stalled before crossing the street because a car came speeding down the street! I am now laughing out loud about the ridiculousness of almost getting run over. Whatever happened to pedestrians having the ride away? Apparantly not. However, I am also now walking directly next to a guy that was headed the same way as me. He also was laughing at what had just happened so it wasn't like we could ignore the situation. And because I feel its awkward to not talk to him, I decide to start up a conversation. It starts off with a hello, how is your day. He begins to tell me that his day is going well, he is headed to his last class of the day and then basketball. I ask if he is a freshman and he replies yes, to which I ask him how the JV bball team is doing. He then proceeds to tell me that he is actually on the varsity. And me, not thinking replies, "oh really? I guess I haven't really seen you play, and since I cheer I figured I would of". He then tells me that he rotated his pelvis so he has been out for a while and that he actually used to start. Oops, my bad. Lets see how many times I can zing this kid in one conversation. I felt terrible, but I wasn't trying to be rude, it just happened. So a few more comments and the conversation ended as we parted ways.
Next part of the story: there was a basketball player eating dinner all by himself and he somewhat fit the description of the boy I had met earlier that day but since the boy from earlier had a hood on, I was not for sure of his hair color or if this was the right boy. So I decided to find out. I walked over to him said hello and asked if he was the guy that I had met earlier that day. he gives me a puzzled look and says, I don't know. I said, we almost got hit by a car. He replies, "Nope, not me, I think I would remember almost getting hit by a car". To which I reply, oops! OK, enjoy your dinner! And then I walk away hastily. Great times. Oh the awkward!

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