Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh the life I live...

So many good stories to post!
The first story happened over Christmas break while I was still at home. I was housesitting for my best friend's family while they were in Mexico. They happen to live out in the country in the middle of nowhere and a snowstorm and decided to hit my town. Awesome. My dad did not think it was a good idea for me to drive out to their house because he didn't think my car could make it. So he said he would take me out there after lunch and pick me up once he got off work. The roads had been cleared and it wasn't too bad getting out there, we just couldn't go all the way down the driveway. However, the wind was blowing like mad that day and the snow drifts had blown all the snow back into the road. My dad decides that the minivan can totally take on the snow and decides to continue down the gravel road towards my friends house. Turns out, the minivan is not as beastly as my dad would like to think. He calls me saying that he isn't going to make it and that I have two options: I can stay at the house all night or I can walk to him and help him dig out the van. There was no way I could just stay at the house thinking of my dad trying to push the van out all by himself. So I packed up the few things I brought with me and winterfied myself and I began on the long journey towards my dad. You should know that he got stuck pretty quickly after turning off the highway and onto the gravel road. Therefore I had to walk a half mile up and down the hills in the freezing cold and awful wind. It was so gratifying to finally make it to the van! By this time a nice man had stopped to help us and was attempting to pull the van out, somehow my dad got it really stuck. It took about another hour and 3 more cars of people to help us but we finally got it out! Ridiculous? I think yes.

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